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Continuing Education

We proudly offer a variety of continuing education courses for licensed massage therapist. With multiple courses and most experienced instructors you can trust in the best for your yearly certifications thus furthering your education and expanding your services.

Myofascial Cupping Course

Instructor: James Hogwood

Cost $250

May 20th/21st

August 19th/2oth

Includes a set of myofascial cups!

Acupressure Course




Reiki 1 and 2


Energy Applications


Chakra Therapy

 Rethinking Normal Procedures

Instructor: Michael Matthews

Introduction to Craniosacral 

Instructor: Michael Matthews

Cost: $100

August 5th

Law and Ethics

Instructor: Michael Matthews

Cost: $50 Ethics

          $50 Law

July 24th

September 11th

November 20th

December 18th

Law and Ethics: Offered online and in-person.

Medical Massage 1, 2, and 3

Fascia Based Medical Massage

 Advanced Stretching

TMJ Dysfunction,

Therapy of the Low Back

Therapy of Hips and Thighs

Instructor: Michael Matthews

Cost: $200

May 13th

May 14th

Aug 6th

Lymphatic Drainage (for Swollen Joints)

Chair Massage

Instructor: Michael Matthews

Cost: $100 Lymphatic Drainage

November 19th

          $100 Chair

November 18th

For More Information....

We are always updating our CE schedule and calendar. For the most up to date information please give us a call!

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